An example of social media entrepreneurship

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An example of social media entrepreneurship

While I was writing my previous blog post, I’ve come across a very good example on how you could use twitter as an entrepreneur. I think it shows the power and reach that a social medium such as Twitter can have.

Twitter actie @asiemerink @wvanlaarhoven en @Hermandenblijk

Arjan Siemerink (@asiemerink), chef at Yama products, tweeted 20 hours ago that it was time for action. If he would reach 1000 followers, one of them (us in the meantime) would be invited to a dinner for two in a superb restaurant.

4 Hours later, this tweet was picked up by Jochem Myjer (@jochemmyjer), a Dutch comedian, and another hour later by Herman den Blijker (@Hermandenblijk), a world famous chef in the Netherlands, who have retweeted the message. Later on, Herman would add a box of cookbooks signed with his autograph, but only after another twitter user joined in.

Wouter van Laarhoven (@wvanlaarhoven), chef at Michelin star restaurant “De Molen”, noticed the tweet and promised to add another dinner for 2 at his restaurant to the offer if he would reach the milestone of 3000 followers.

The combined effort seems to result in a buzz on twitter where people join in the conversation and start recommending to people within their network. Until now, the mentioned milestones have not been achieved. I recommend you to follow @wvanlaarhoven and @asiemerink if you are interested in their activities. Or you could follow them simply because of the offer for a dinner or the stack of books from @Hermandenblijk. I’m curious about what you think about the effectiveness of this campaign for their future business, will the newly acquired followers deliver new value? How involved will the be? Arjan Siemerink already tweeted his “concern” that he is not looking for temporary followers…

@asiemerink is concerned about real followers

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