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Facebook Bed concept

Goodnight everybody!

One day I received a wall post from a friend of my brother asking me “where” my brother was. Though I might come up with several reasons why this would be a logical question, the friend was from France, while me and my brother live in completely different towns in the Netherlands. So the time and place of my brothers location were not very relevant and the question “where” seemed a bit unnecessary. But my […]

Oops! I’ve created a Facebook page

I have made a big mistake. And I new it was a mistake from the beginning. I’ve warned myself clearly. And wrote a fairytale about Entrepreneur who wanted to be present at all the parties in town. I presented myself as one who learned from others mistakes. You need to pick your battles. But still I have to confess. I … Created… A… Facebook… Page… I apologize.  I’ve played the wise-ass but have nothing to back it up. I created the page only because […]

Too long; didn’t read

Too many times I’ve struggled to finish an article I was interested in. Why? Well tell me… How many articles do you actually finish? Can you say you read everything!? All those articles suggested at twitter? Those blogs you follow? Admit that you can’t… I can’t   Why? Because there’s too many. Because I’m easily distracted. Even when I’m interested. Because there’s simply too much blabla before I can figure out what the intention is. […]

The power of frequency. What about Twitter?

Previously I’ve discussed the power of frequency for blogs. Would the same relationship hold in the case of Twitter? What about one of the questions that the post left me with. Is there is a maximum that you could blog, tweet, pin etcetera as to not make the results decline? When looking at Twitter, does increased frequency lead to higher traffic and lead generation? When having a further look on the research by Hubspot, we are able to […]