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What is your opinion about personalization?

It seems like we all embrace the power of our social activities online. In most cases this is not due to a decision that we make ourselves, but because we are drawn into these developments by the platforms that we use. This morning I read an article shared by Blogstylers on their Google+ profile that made me stop and think about the consequences of some social developments on the web. And I highly recommend you to do the same. […]

The power of frequency

A main concern for entrepreneurs is the time that social media require. Especially in the beginning it is an investment one must be willing to make, since monetization of your efforts will only be the third step of your social media efforts (see Social media steps in the real world). But what is the influence of the frequency that you use your social media? Looking at a research by Hubspot we can conclude that increased frequency of posts […]

Don’t play bingo with social media

My previous post was meant to transfer the world of online media to an example that is more easy to relate to. It was meant to show the difficulty of coping with social media. The online world of meeting places that is rapidly growing, just like the number of bars in the growing town. Therefore the image above, representing some major social media platforms, is not a bingo card for entrepreneurs. It’s simply not true that you […]

Picking your battles: A social media fairytale

Picking your battles: A social media fairytale In the early days, it was easy for Entrepreneur to visit all the bars in town. He would have a beer and spare some time with you to talk about you or some interests you had in common. You’d ask what he was up to and might have been interested in what he was offering to the market. However, the city has been growing and instead of being […]