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Social Media Infographic - The Great Return

Social media steps in the real world

The question I’ve posted at the end of my previous blog post touches on one of the fundamental questions in marketing. Everybody “knows” it’s the good thing to do, but how do you actually know that you efforts deliver extra value? Especially for an Entrepreneur, who needs to allocate his time wisely, this value needs to be delivered yesterday rather then today. While I’d like to get back on the issue of valuation later on, I would like […]

What is social media?

Yes I have been using Social Media before, who hasn’t? But have you ever really thought about it? And what do you do? Not everybody realizes that Social Media is a very broad concept and goes beyond your regular visit to Facebook, Twitter and the like. There are many definitions for Social Media, Heidi Cohen mentions 30 here and you will find 50 here. The first step in looking for the Entrepreneur 3.0 would be to define for […]

An example of social media entrepreneurship

While I was writing my previous blog post, I’ve come across a very good example on how you could use twitter as an entrepreneur. I think it shows the power and reach that a social medium such as Twitter can have. Arjan Siemerink (@asiemerink), chef at Yama products, tweeted 20 hours ago that it was time for action. If he would reach 1000 followers, one of them (us in the meantime) would be invited to […]