Goodnight everybody!

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Goodnight everybody!

Facebook Bed concept

One day I received a wall post from a friend of my brother asking me “where” my brother was. Though I might come up with several reasons why this would be a logical question, the friend was from France, while me and my brother live in completely different towns in the Netherlands. So the time and place of my brothers location were not very relevant and the question “where” seemed a bit unnecessary. But my brother was indeed away…. Better said: He deleted his Facebook profile.

From a filosophical perspective an interesting topic, but I simply wanted to know why he removed his profile. Were it privacy issues? There has been an increased awareness on privacy issues of course and this could be a very good reason to deliberately remove your profile. For example, there are 10 good reasons here. However, this was not the case.

What did you have for dinner?

The main reason was annoyance. Some people tend to put everything on Facebook. Why would he care? Well it’s obviously not about their privacy, that is completely of their own business. He just does not want to know what somebody had for dinner, or of he/she had a nightmare, if the wine was nice, whether the teeth were brushed etcetera. And clearly he’s not alone in this!

During an interview for my master thesis a similar situation was mentioned. The interviewee indicated that some people simply tweet to much to really be able to follow them. To her the quality of the posts were important and she paid attention to this herself. She was particularly put off by a tweet of a celebrity in the Netherlands wishing everybody a good night and decided to unfollow. Remember that, in general, your follower is overwhelmed with tweets/blogs/posts. Personal messages are no problem. In fact, as an individual and entrepreneur a difficult balance needs to be struck between personal and business posts since, above all, platforms like twitter are a social platform.

But please draw the line starting to wish followers good night. Or a happy day when waking up. If you belong to that group, realise it’s those posts that make us unfollow, block or, in extreme cases, leave a platform. I can only agree with my brother and the interviewee and assume that your followers do so as well.

Sogni d’oro ;)

Youri van Dijk
Youri van Dijk
Business Intelligence consultant. Msc. International Business met een master gericht op ondernemerschap. Verliest wel zijn haren, maar leert graag nieuwe streken.

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