Oops! I’ve created a Facebook page

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Oops! I’ve created a Facebook page

I have made a big mistake. And I new it was a mistake from the beginning. I’ve warned myself clearly. And wrote a fairytale about Entrepreneur who wanted to be present at all the parties in town. I presented myself as one who learned from others mistakes. You need to pick your battles. But still I have to confess.

I … Created… A… Facebook… Page

I apologize.  I’ve played the wise-ass but have nothing to back it up. I created the page only because I wanted to add a Facebook icon to that top right list. Where it says: “Stay connected”. And it was so easy to do it.


Bingo! I've created a Facebook page


And it gets worse… There’s a Google+ profile as well. So much for not playing bingo, right? Last time I explained I was already overwhelmed by the amount of blogs I subscribed to. The Tweets I HAD to read. The time needed to comment on other blogs and my inability to finish the posts for this blog. So why the Facebook page, why Google+?

Is there a particular audience that demands the time and effort that is needed to maintain another social media channel? Not really… The people that I’d like to reach through Facebook are my friends that I already notify of new posts via my personal profile. Now that I have the page, I need to make sure that there will be a conversation. A conversation that I don’t want to have on the Facebook page in the first place!

Admittedly, I can’t brag about thousands of visitors a day. Or hundreds. Actually, right now I’m happy when there have been more than 10. And only few take the liberty to post a comment. So if there’s anybody willing to give his/her opinion on what I wrote, Facebook or Google+ are the last places I want to allow them to respond. Hello! I’m hosting multiple parties at the same time! And none of them is busy enough to make it a success. So much for picking my battles.

I should not distract my focus from the blog. This is my party. I’m the DJ spinning the records here. Dance your ass of if you like my style, or make a request when I’m not playing your favourite songs. I’m still looking for a great MC, or a big headliner. Interested? You can contact my management any time.

Youri van Dijk
Youri van Dijk
Business Intelligence consultant. Msc. International Business met een master gericht op ondernemerschap. Verliest wel zijn haren, maar leert graag nieuwe streken.

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