Picking your battles: A social media fairytale

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Picking your battles: A social media fairytale

Picking your battles: A social media fairytale

In the early days, it was easy for Entrepreneur to visit all the bars in town. He would have a beer and spare some time with you to talk about you or some interests you had in common. You’d ask what he was up to and might have been interested in what he was offering to the market. However, the city has been growing and instead of being able to have a beer in every bar, he is struggling to even show his face in most establishments. Every evening he would run in and shout: “I have just received the new product, it’s great!”, or: “Would you use our new solar panels!?”.

When he remains coming in and stating random comments, you get annoyed that he is always talking about himself and start disliking Entrepreneur. You look to your friends and, without needing to say anything, you continue your conversation. You ignore Entrepreneur, although he is trying to do his best to get in touch with you, since he interrupts your conversation.

Then Entrepreneur realises that people are starting to dislike him. He doesn’t understand, Is he not spending all that time to get in touch and connect to people? He decides it is time for a different approach. Instead, he would organise a party himself.

One of your friends is attending the party and asks if you would care to join. You decide to come along and at the party Entrepreneur welcomes everybody with a small speech, gives away some interesting facts and his opinion about the current energy situation. You find out you share a similar taste in music and Entrepreneur has invited your favourite DJ.

“Isn’t Entrepreneur awesome”, you state to your friends. The DJ rocks and I totally agree on his opinion about the greenhouse effect. Shall we go to his party again next time? Maybe it would be cool to have a look at those solar panels he is offering?

Youri van Dijk
Youri van Dijk
Business Intelligence consultant. Msc. International Business met een master gericht op ondernemerschap. Verliest wel zijn haren, maar leert graag nieuwe streken.

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