The power of frequency

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The power of frequency

A main concern for entrepreneurs is the time that social media require. Especially in the beginning it is an investment one must be willing to make, since monetization of your efforts will only be the third step of your social media efforts (see Social media steps in the real world). But what is the influence of the frequency that you use your social media?

Looking at a research by Hubspot we can conclude that increased frequency of posts on your blog does pay out with respect to traffic. After evaluation of 4.000 businesses they indicate that traffic increases significantly once the amount of blog posts per month is at a minimum of twenty.

Blogging Traffic pays off

Thus, daily blogging does pay off in order to generate traffic. What about the leads that are generated? Hubspot concluded that B2B businesses who blogged 16 to 20 times per month generated 3 times more leads than companies who did not blog. For B2C businesses the amount is4 times higher.

In a previous study by Hubspot (2011 State of Inbound Marketing) we can notice the additional effect of acquiring customers by blogging even multiple times a day.

Frequency vs. Acquisition

Therefore, frequently blogging can apparently increase traffic, leads and acquired customers. This leaves me with 3 questions. First, how does the extra payoff relate to the time spent that is required for the more frequent blogging. Second, how does this work on other platforms? And third, is there a maximum you can post/blog to not make the results decline? The more you tweet, the more leads are generated? Do people keep their interest if you can’t seem to stop talking? In real life, I would find such a person annoying myself… You?


JMCQ87 February 4, 2012 at 11:56 pm

Read somewhere that brands’ / products’ FB pages should not be updated more than once a day. Seems “reasonable”, I suppose, but for Twitter the expected / tolerated frequency is probably a lot higher.

  • Youri Van Dijk February 6, 2012 at 10:08 am

    I would expect the same for Twitter as well. However I recently read an article that twittering too much will be lowering your click through rate. Something you should watch carefully. With respect to blogging, some recommend writing a less frequent blog. Once or twice a week should then be optimal, but this research suggested otherwise.

    As an entrepreneur the scarcest resource that you generally have is time, therefore you will need to spend it wisely and I’m very curious what the optimal frequency would be for a single entrepreneur. Or in my case as a single writer. Should I update daily? Or would you prefer one or two posts a week?

    • JMCQ87 February 8, 2012 at 1:38 pm

      For a blog, I think it’s all about two things, basically:

      1. Creating an expectation for “regular readers”, how often you are gonna write, or what special events you will react upon “out of schedule”.

      2. Actually being willing and able to fulfill these expectations over a longer time. And if you have to break with the previous expectations of the reader, for some reason or another, like lack of time, change of focus/interest etc., it might help to communicate that so the reader can adjust his “habits”, before he does so because he got disappointed.

Youri van Dijk
Youri van Dijk
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