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Too long; didn’t read

Too Long, Didn't Read (TL;DR)Too many times I’ve struggled to finish an article I was interested in. Why? Well tell me…

How many articles do you actually finish?

Can you say you read everything!?

All those articles suggested at twitter?

Those blogs you follow?

Admit that you can’t…

I can’t


Because there’s too many.

Because I’m easily distracted.

Even when I’m interested.

Because there’s simply too much blabla before I can figure out what the intention is.


Can Treating Your Life As a Game Make You a Better Person?

Cool topic.

Precisely fits my interest.

Nicely written.

But 4 pages?

I’ve struggled to the end.

So if you want to make an impact?

In your social strategy…

I’d like it to be short.


To the point.


There’s more important things for me to read.

And no that’s not a bad thing!



Youri van Dijk
Youri van Dijk
Business Intelligence consultant. Msc. International Business met een master gericht op ondernemerschap. Verliest wel zijn haren, maar leert graag nieuwe streken.

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